Henger kobling

12N and 12S Plug/Socket wiring for Caravans and Trailers


12N (Normal) Wiring for Lighting.

Code VW Pin

12S (Suplimentary) Wiring for Appliances.

Yellow Left Hand Direction Indicator L Black/White 1 Reverse Light and/or Reverse Brake System
Blue Rear Fog Lamp 54G Move to 31 2 Auxillary/Split Battery Charging
White EARTH 31 (Now blue) Brown 3 EARTH
Green Right Hand Direction Indicator R Black/Green 4 Auxiliary Power from Car Battery
Brown Right Hand Tail/Side & Number Plate 58R Grey/Red 5 Warning Light with Common Return
Red Stop 54 Black/Red 6 Refrigerator Power
Black Left Hand Tail/Side 58L Grey/Black 7 Spare

The connection to Pins 2 (Auxiliary Battery Charging) and 6 (Refrigerator) must be controlled by a Relay Circuit so that power is only supplied with the engine running. This is to prevent current being drawn from the Caravan/Trailer battery (if fitted) during engine starting.


Pins viewed from Rear of Plug!


Tip! Wire using the numbers & colous. Beware the rear of pulgs & sockets are mirrored. i.e. pins 2 & 3 / 5 & 6 change place